5 Tips On How to play racquetball

Many people often lack a guide on how to play racquetball especially when they need to enhance their playing skills from level to another. Here is a guide on how you can play:

1. Front Wall

All shots should hit this wall prior to hitting the ground when keeping ball in play. During the serve, you need to make sure that the ball hit front wall first since the results will be cancelled if you do not do so. You should also ensure that you stand in the right position if you want to get the best results.

2. Service Boxes

You should make sure that your ball hits service boxes, at the same time standing sidewalls &18 inches right from nearest sidewall. This should give you an opportunity to be the best when serving if you would like to improve your skills when serving.

This should also enable you master the playing skills that will enable you be the best whenever you would like to serve the ball when playing racquetball. Any violations are known as foot faults.

3. Drive Serve Lines

The drive serve lines that form drive serve zone are always parallel with sidewall and known within its service zone. These drive serve lines are often blue or red in color at the same time unbroken. You should understand the concept of drive lines whenever you need to master the skills needed if you would like to be the best when playing. The racquet might not break this plane of 17-foot zone when making contact as you play with the ball.

4. Left Wall & Right Wall

If a ball hits a sidewall prior to it hitting the front wall, then you can only serve the ball straight. This means that you have to understand how the ball moves if you need to master the skills.

5. Back Wall

During your serve, the ball should hit the floor before touching the back wall. This will protect you from committing a fault.

This guide should help you know how to play racquetball.