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5 Tips On How to play racquetball

Many people often lack a guide on how to play racquetball especially when they need to enhance their playing skills from level to another. Here is a guide on how you can play: 1. Front Wall All shots should hit this wall prior to hitting the ground when keeping ball in play. During the serve,…

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Racquet vs Racket

So, which is it? It’s actually both. Racket is the American English version and Racquet is the British English version. You may have already known that but did you know that if you add an “s” to rackets or racquets it’s actually a game and not just a tool used in sports like tennis? It’s…

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Racquet Sports

Racquet sports are athletic games that make use of racquets as the main equipment. Individuals or groups are pitted against each otherĀ and their movements are driven mostly by the use of said gear. Racquet sports demand a high level of precision and flexibility. Hand-eye coordination as well as steady footwork are necessary in games that…