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What racquet strings are made of?

Based on the source of material, racquet strings of tennis and badminton racquets can be categorized as natural and synthetic strings. As it has been proved that the properties like strength, density, tension and elasticity of different racquet strings could affect a player’s performance, it is important to know the source and properties of strings….

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Selecting the Best Racquet

Having a quality racket (or racquet) matters a lot in sports like tennis, squash, and other racquetball related activities. To buy the best racquet, you need to evaluate your skill level, speed, and the way you swing. Generally speaking, players fall into one of three categories: a finesse player (slow swing wtih compact stroke), a…

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Racquet vs Racket

So, which is it? It’s actually both. Racket is the American English version and Racquet is the British English version. You may have already known that but did you know that if you add an “s” to rackets or racquets it’s actually a game and not just a tool used in sports like tennis? It’s…