racquet sports

Racquet Sports

Racquet sports are athletic games that make use of racquets as the main equipment. Individuals or groups are pitted against each other and their movements are driven mostly by the use of said gear. Racquet sports demand a high level of precision and flexibility. Hand-eye coordination as well as steady footwork are necessary in games that involved racquets.

Popular Racquet Sports

racquet sports

Among the most popular racquet sports are tennis, badminton, squash, and ping-pong. In all these games, the two teams (or individual players) are on opposite sides of a court. Armed with racquets, the players drive either a ball or a similar gaming equipment through the use of a racquet. They bounce the ball (tennis ball or ping-pong ball, for example) from one side of the court to another by hitting it with a racquet. Normally, the player who fails to hit the ball before it falls to the ground loses. This is a common objective among racquet sports. Badminton and tennis are perhaps the most popular among racquet sports, as their tournaments always have a global following.

Other Racquet Sports

There are, however, other sports that also use racquets despite its considerable lack of popularity. Among these are Pickleball and the aptly named Racquetball. Racquetball is played using a hollow rubber ball. This can be played both indoors and outdoors. Its main difference from other racquet sports such as tennis is that there is no net over which the ball must be tossed so that it may reach the other side. It likewise differs from squash because there is no tin.

Pickleball, on the other hand, is played with either two or four player sets. They use wooden paddles (or other materials) in order to hit a ball over a net, similar to tennis. The ball in this game is normally made of perforated polymer. Like other racquet sports, there are boundaries in its court that form part of the rules of the game. The sport has evolved over the years and today, it is played with various modifications that make it more fun and exciting.

There are many other racquet sports played all over the world today among various age groups. Some of them are actually modified versions of popular racquet sports such as table tennis or badminton. No matter what the modifications in the rules or mechanics, however, the main objective remains the same: to hit the ball using a racquet and beat the other team or player by making them miss it.