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Racquet vs Racket

So, which is it? It’s actually both. Racket is the American English version and Racquet is the British English version. You may have already known that but did you know that if you add an “s” to rackets or racquets it’s actually a game and not just a tool used in sports like tennis? It’s supposedly very similar to the racquet sport squash.

Being closely related to squash, it requires a room or court to play on and some Racquets. Don’t forget the players. It’s so similar to squash, but racquets actually came first with squash being an offshoot of it. Surprisingly, this game is still played today but with some minor rule tweaks. You can find more info on wikipedia about the game itself.

In that article, it mentions that there’s about 20 courts in all of the UK. Well, how do you get into playing if there are so few courts around? Well, the game started in alleys and behind other buildings such as schools so it’s possible to play without a court. It would just make things a little more difficult. It’s very possible that this conundrum lead to the creation of handball, in which you don’t need a racquet – you use your hands instead. Overall, they have similar rules, though.

If you’re in the States, there aren’t many options for places to play. There are a few courts and there are associations specifically for Racquets, but they are few and far between. It’s surprising but there actually are still tournaments held and the most recent champion was in 2008 – that’s not that long ago for a game that’s been played for over 200 years.

Most courts in the US have been converted or removed. Don’t get your hopes up. But if you feel like going back in time, get yourself a partner and some racquets, find a squash court, and play a round or two following the rules from the article.